Welcome To My Website!

                      I am an Award-winning Fine Artist, Jazz Singer and Saxophonist.
Originally from the UK, I obtained my B.Ed Hons in 1988 with a specialism in The Arts. For the last 15
years I have been a Professional Artist, Curator, Jazz Singer and Saxophonist.
My passion for Art and Music has followed me on my travels around the world. Work opportunities took my family to Switzerland, Abu Dhabi and Qatar and now back to Oxfordshire where I have my own Art Studio.
I took the opportunity to further my artistic and music skills by Curating Art Exhibitions in the Middle East and also Performing at 5*venues as Resident Jazz Singer and Saxophonist.
My painting was so inspired by the dramatic  landscapes, that I was driven to learn and further my artistic study. I found myself in my Art and wanted to perfect my own style, which took great time, determination and patience. I was also very  involved in our rescue animals and TNR and Curated Art Exhibitions for Animal Charities to raise awareness for animal rescue. The Art Exhibition I Curated in Abu Dhabi was at The Millennium Hotel and featured over 50 International Artists and was center feature of Time Out Magazine.
My medium in now exclusively Traditional Oil Painting and I never use any kind of digital art, just brushes and oil paints.  When I paint it takes me to another world - a world of silence, a special place so within myself that I can't be found by others. I adore the mysterious magic of painting. Where words are silenced and there is nothing but the flow of another ocean inside of me. Within this play I bend the rules. I change the usual landscapes and sounds - into my own reflections. The deeper I go the more perilous the journey and the longer it takes to return. With both Art and Music there is always so much more to learn, so many more treasures to find............
I have Curated and Exhibited for Royalty in the Middle East and exhibited in London, Portugal, Dubai,
        Abu Dhabi and Qatar.