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Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Hello everyone!

I Woke up this morning to incredible clear skies and wall to wall sunshine. So I am inspired to write my first blog... no actually my second blog.

Many years ago when I lived in Switzerland I wrote my first blog on my travels and sights and sounds. As an artist coming from the UK, mostly, it was a tale of the beauty of my surroundings and how moved I was by the mountains and lakes.

Walking in the woods with my camera with Axle my dog is a lovely memory. Sadly, Axel passed away now, but he had the funniest way of playing with giant sticks! He used to like to challenge himself to find the biggest and heaviest he could afford. Then see if he could flick it over his head and catch it? Well, at least that seemed to be the game, although only Axle really knew the true game.

Axle with his stick
The Last Winter

It is a mostly white painting, but is photographing as little grey. A white painting is often quite difficult to photograph.

So 20 years ago, when I was self-teaching myself to be an oil painter this was my painting. Its hard to describe the kind of snow fall in Switzerland. I suppose "blanket" is the best word. But really, often a heavy fall it would lie for months, swallowing sounds with it in a kind of magical cape. And it was deep too. Axle never seemed to mind the cold. He went through his counts of coats of course.

Our last rental house was this one, in the countryside near Neauchatel, Switzerland. It was my favourite, a country girl at heart, this really ticked all those country boxes for me.

See those little cottages top right? They were modern Swiss cottages they build now, all eco friendly and warm - just as well. There was one night that recorded -20!

There is something so exciting about stepping onto newly-fallen snow. It just gives you a tingle of pleasure doesn't it?

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