Original Print, city night raining, by UK Listed Artist Laurel Moore

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Title: Rainstorm

Deep into the night the city changes. In the night the colours drip freely. And when it rains it soaks the lights and the city with secrets. Wild things run in the night where they are partially hidden from view. The city night allows us to be wild. To return to ourselves before we were seen by others eyes. In the city darkness we return to ourselves.

Hello readers!

I'm very excited to start listing my NEW prints here today on ebay and beyond. It's an exciting process to do an oil painting, then turn that painting into a print. It gives you that thrill in your stomach of creating something new in the world! That little buzzing sensation somewhere...........

I loved painting this city lights painting. As always there are often challenges with my paintbrush, of trying to find a way to make the work come to life. How to make the water really feel like water and the night to have that secretive wild atmosphere of a city at night. We are all wild ones when the dark comes to some extent, when we can't be seen by others.

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