Coasting by Laurel Moore

Well it's all in the mix, I'm not sure what that means really, but that sounds quite good.

So here's a little snippet of my NEW Winter Bossa Nova in progress, which I'm calling 'Coasting' - the same name as my new painting.

I recently had the idea of merging my Painting and Music together, by doing a painting and then matching it with an accompanying song?

It is a new idea and I hope it works. I will let you be the judge ..............

But I like the way it kind of merges all of me together.

Having different personalities is kind of like always changing cars!

Do you know that feeling when you unexpectedly have to drive someone else's car and everything is in the wrong place: the seat is too low, the wheel too close, you can't see your mirrors - plus it just FEELS all wierd? For me, it's like constantly changing cars.

So I'm hoping that for the first time Creating in the same direction (with my Music and Art), might all feel like it is converging on the same path at last?

Coasting by Laurel Moore

The idea only really came to me once I'd decided to put all my Creative works on my own website, rather than sending them out and about like stray animals to fend for themselves! It all seemed a bit heartless really, they never really seemed happy out there :0)

It feels like a home here, so welcome to my Home!

I'm creating a little video of me doing the painting too, one of those time lapse videos which will show me doing the painting 'Coasting' from start to finish.

This was my first photo, ha ha I'm glad I've shown you my last, first if you know what I mean!

Anyway, I will be giving a download of my NEW song to all my Subscribers and Followers on FB and Instagram. Just as my little WELCOME........

I am a big Instagram user, because it is a very Visual Platform which I love and I really enjoy seeing all my followers pics, so don't forget to follow me there, (if you have not already) and I will follow you back.

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