Having Fun With Some Abstract Art by Laurel Moore at Moorethanart

Well its always fun to sometimes break out of the box and just allow anything and everything to flow! With this in mind I have created some fun with some NEW Abstract Paintings EXCLUSIVE to my website moorethanart.

The title just jumped out at me with this one 'Don't Make Me Come In There!' I love it when title just instantly pops into your head and you don't have to search for it. It has that motion and momentum in the paint, propelling it forwards, reminding me of an angry parent! When you just know you are in trouble and that red is building and building towards you!

It's all ready in a white mount, for you to choose your own frame to suit your home decor. As you know with me, I don't sell my Art ANYWHERE ELSE. So all my Art and Music will be EXCLUSIVE to my website. All painted or created by me Laurel Moore. Lots of NEW work upcoming and MUSIC on its way too!

Yes, this is me here and YES I did cut my own fringe! I don't have the Pandemic to blame for that, I just can't be bothered to find a hairdresser!

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