Christmas Art Prints NEW for Christmas!

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

This is a watercolor I painted of my dog Axel, dreaming under the Christmas Tree. I loved the composition of how the bauble though far from his nose, looked like his nose was just under it. So I thought of his Christmas Dog Dreams and what he dreamed of at Christmas time?

Watercolour is not my usual medium, usually I prefer oils, but sometimes you just get tempted by your paints to try new mediums. Its said that watercolours are more difficult because they are less forgiving, if you make a mistake, its harder to rub out or remedy.

Sadly, Axle has now passed away, but he was such a wonderful loyal and loving dog. A great dog to have an adventure with. We lived in Switzerland at the time and he adored the winter snow and loved to throw sticks over his head.......the bigger the better.

I wanted to capture all of the atmosphere of Christmas shopping in the rain. Of the wet, the worry, the rushing, the excitement, the weather part way between snow and rain. It is a view within a view, because we are seeing the scene from behind a window. So it brings a myriad of feelings into one painting.....

You can see I added a layer of water droplets for effect. This was a lot of fun to do but as always a challenge of not knowing if something will work. So we see the scene from what appears to be behind glass, kind of protected from the weather. A view within a view!

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