Piggys And Puddles

Welcome Reader!

I hope you are bearing up on this rocky road we currently have! I found some fun and frolics playing my sax today as you can see!

So I hope it gives you a giggle too. It certainly made me laugh in my own mad world of Art and Music. Quite a tricky thing to play with a mask on and I certainly had a full blown hot flush afterwards as you can imagine. And quite a challenge to get that big old Yamaha mouthpiece in my piggy mouth.

So in between organizing my Art and Music business I'm mesmerized by puddles at the moment! Living in Scotland we do have a lot of rain, although some of this summer has been quite dry. It's certainly making up for it now by chucking it all down.

It's those magical and ever-changing reflections that transport you into a different world that I love. One minute you are walking along, then another you look deep into the puddle and see the whole of world spinning in the sky. The deeper the puddle the deeper the levels and subtleties are captured in the water. It's just so beautiful and magical. I'm swept away. So, I will have to attempt to paint this puddle. In fact, at the moment I seem to have a phone-full of puddles! How to choose between them? Perhaps I don't have to choose, perhaps I can do them all!

I also love the notion that sometime as humble and lowly as a puddle seems to capture a whole world in one moment. So I love the idea of calling it: "Just A Puddle"

Happy Wednesday my friends!

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