The Lovely Sound of Torrential Rain by Laurel Moore at Moorethanart

Well love it or hate it ( I just love the sound) I found quite a few tiny trees growing today in the autumnal Scottish rain. And Shelly the sheep really didn't seem to mind the rain at all. Isn't she lovely? I wonder what she was thinking, munching away in the rain?

I felt quite honoured she didn't run away! Just carried on with her important meal.

My most wonderful find is my WALKING STICK SEAT! It does pretty much what it sounds like it does. It can either be a walking stick or a seat. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to just STOP and PONDER at your chosen view and get your paintbrush or pencil out.

This has surely got to be one of the worlds best inventions, at least up there with the washing machine. Although, I do feel a bit of a granny! My dogs were a bit confused at first. They didn't see why we had stopped and did looks around quite bemusedly. They haven't quite worked out if it's something they should be scared about yet either? They are undecided.

Are you going to buy one? I can't say it will give you any "cool" points, but who cares? You do have to watch your balance a bit though, I mean it boasts about carrying a large weight, but you are sitting on a tripod after all, so you gotta get your 3 legs firmly planted.

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