Fire In The Sky 1, Limited Edition Print  by Laurel Moore

LIMITED EDITION Fine Art Print (Maximum 100 print run)

Personally Signed and numbered. by The Artist Laurel Moore

Certificate of Authenticity included.
Size A3  (29.7cm  by 42 cm )
Sent in Postal Cardboard Envelope direct from MY STUDIO
No frame provided.


Sometimes when the sunset hits and the sky turns into liquid fire, its almost looks too far fetched to be believed. But for those fleeting moments the sky seems to turn to molten lava and the kaleidoscope of colour within colour is just staggering to behold.

This was one such sky I painted here in September of 2019.  I managed to capture some video footage to take to my studio, since it changed so rapidly (I'm not that fast a painter lol)

It was a thrill to paint, though of course with those usual artistic frustrations thrown in - in my attempts to do justice to the sunset.


Please 'contact me' if you have any questions, I am always here to help!

Framing is Easy!

This painting can be put straight into an A3 sized frame of your choice. Or if you like to add size and impact add a mat/mount for this A3 painting, then add an A2 sized frame.

Use an acid free picture mounting tape to secure the painting to the mount on all four sides.

''Finding the 'feeling' is what I am about as an oil painter. Living in the North of Scotland, I particularly love the Scotlish landscape with those bright and puffy clouds and stormy coastlines. It really inspires me to paint every day.
Here the landscape is ever changing, sometimes the seasons seem to change minute to minute! So there is always another challenge around the corner when the light changes again.
I love to capture the beauty. Like a snapshot in a painting, my aim with each painting is to spend no more than a few hours on a scene and if I can't capture the essence or impression of a scene within that time frame, then I know that that moment is lost to me and I have failed.

So I am 'oot an' aboot' in my thermals with my doggie and my funny walking stick stool travelling the hills and dales and lakes in search of paintings and stopping for the occasional cuppa in a flask. There is always something new to see.  

I hope when you buy my Art that is serves as a little window for you, into the Scottish Highlands. That sometimes you too can just sit and enjoy a cuppa from your own living room and breathe in the fresh breeze over the hills and hear the buzzard call, feel the rough grass underfoot and taste the wind in the clouds''

Laurel Moore.



Fire In The Sky 1, Limited Edition Print by Laurel Moore


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