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TITLE: Beautiful Swan

Size A3 (29 cm by 42 cm)

Fine Art Open Edition Print

Hand signed by Laurel Moore

Painting only (no frame)





This lovely gentleman Swan kindly allowed me to get very close to him to take a photo! Every time he relaxed a bit, I would shuffle into the mud a bit more, a bit closer. So I got this great photo or him standing there patiently tolerating me, cautiously watching me.  There was a lovely contrast between the swan and the shrub around. So I was very excited to get back to my studio and paint him, I hope he would have liked his portrait :0)

I am always doing NEW Seasonal Paintings, so be sure to check back if you like my work!

Framing is Easy!

This painting can be put straight into an A3 sized frame of your choice. Or if you like to add size and impact add a mat/mount for this painting, then add an A2 sized frame.
Use Picture Mounting Tape to secure the painting to the mount on all four sides.



I am always Refund Friendly :O) So Happy Shopping!

Any questions? Drop me a message through my Psychic Page.






Beautiful Swan, Original Print by Laurel Moore

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