Oil Painter Laurel Moore

Oil Painter

Laurel Moore

With over 30 years experience as an Oil Painter I have a deep passion for painting and for capturing the Light and Shade and everything in between.

I currently live in the North of Scotland and am enraptured by the beauty of the landscape here. My mission is to capture the feeling of nature in my brushes and for the Art to tumble out of the painting and into your living room!!

Saxophonist Laurel Moore


Laurel Moore

12 years a Saxophonist I have a played and sang in Luxury Hotels abroad and in the UK. My true joy is in Improvising, since I don't read music anymore. I love to find that 'inner flow' of music that is fresh and 'in the moment' by creating new sounds and ideas - so I am currently working on New Original Songs.

Jazz Singer Laurel Moore


Laurel Moore

I have had a lifelong love for the great Jazz Divas like Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and Doris Day. I love the feel and intense emotion they held in their souls. I think their deep love for the music and lyrics lives on and speaks volumes.

I am still working on my own unique sound which is sometimes like trying to catch smoke! But I have learnt that there are no short-cuts on the path of self-discipline, hard work and patience!