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Oil Painter Laurel Moore
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With over 20 years experience as an Oil Painter I have a deep passion for painting. Having come from a very dark childhood my journey to find my own Light has been a long and winding journey of discovery. Having seen ugliness, I find myself compelled to find and express the astonishing beauty of the world, either through my paintings or my singing or playing.

Creatively, I am like a moth to a flame - I am always practicing for hours and on end 24/7, trying to reach a better level and then moving my own goal posts again. I am forever trying to capture the feeling, the emotion, the beauty; then torn between the rare feeling of satisfaction and less rare feeling of frustration! But just being able to live in my own Creative World is like a dream for me.

I currently live in the North of Scotland where on a daily basis I am enraptured by the beauty of the landscape and I feel like I have come home. My mission is to capture the feeling of nature in my brushes and my dream is for the Art to tumble out of the painting in your living room :)



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Laurel Moore

Saxophonist Laurel Moore
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I discovered the Saxophone whilst at University when studying to be a teacher. I began busking, then gigged on an off for a number of years, gravitating towards Jazz and Blues.

When I married and had my family we lived in Switzerland, Abu Dhabi and Qatar. I was moved by the Animal Welfare to Curate and Exhibit in multiple Charity Art Exhibitions, including  5* The Millennium Hotel and working with His Excellency Ali Al Dhaheri. I was a TEDX Performer in Abu Dhabi, then became the Resident Jazz Singer and Saxophonist in The Intercontinental Hotel. In 2014 with my then partner Steve Parisien we also won 'Best Jazz Album' by Akademia Awards.


Lately I have discovered that my true joy is in Improvising. It leads me to find that 'natural flow' which fascinates and inspires me with my new musical creations. So I am currently working on my Brand New Original Songs.  


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Laurel Moore

Jazz Singer Laurel Moore
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I have had a lifelong love for The Great Jazz Divas like Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and Doris Day. I love the feel and intense emotion they held in their souls. I believe they left a deep imprint on our world.

I am always working on my own unique sound which is sometimes like trying to catch smoke! But I have learnt that there are no short-cuts on the path of self-discipline, hard work and patience!

I also believe 'The Voice' has to come from deep inside yourself, for it is only then that your life-experience is truly heard.

As a Singer and Saxophonist I have been featured Worldwide on many Radio Stations, sung live and created Jingles for Radio Stations like WYAM JammChicago Radio. I have signed many Publication Deals and am on multiple compilation CD's.


I very much hope that my Music and Art is full of Love and Warmth.

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