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                                 Hello and Welcome to my world of Art and Music And Spirituality

I really appreciate it when you visit my Website, buy my Art or Music, or just generally have a wander around - you are most welcome!

These days I prefer to center all my work only on my Website. So no, I really don't sell my Art or Music anywhere else! It's complicated when you do multiple things in The Arts these days. In the past, my Art ended up on a few sites over here, my Music here, there and everywhere. There were always hot new sites popping up to host your Art or Music. So on and on it went. But for me over time, it felt like some kind of self-imposed insane chaos. 

There is a kind of spiritual peace and calm that settles when everything you love can be found in the right place, exactly where you left it. And I hope that anyone who likes my Art will also like my Music. Since it comes from the spiritual home. 

I feel very lucky to live in beautiful Scotland with my family and many rescue animals, as it inspires me spiritually daily. It has taken me over 20 years to become the Artist/Musician I am today. If one is passionate about something, somehow I guess one finds a way to sing, or dance or play no matter the odds. And music and art was always my passion - even though I didn't even get my school art exam or receive much more than criticism for always using the wrong pencil!

My later years opened me up to the realization that I had Multiple Personalities from severe early childhood trauma. Each of my skills is bound up in a separate personality. Finding beauty from ugliness has been such a driving force in my life. So digging myself and my personalities out, has been quite the soulful and often harrowing journey.

But I am still here. Still painting. Still singing. Still thirsty to improve, to find more of what I am searching for in my Art and Music. More expression, more depth, more breadth, more soul, more growth, more happiness.

My musical trail began with my playing the Piano and Accordion, then progressed to me renting a saxophone whilst at college and driving the neighbours mad playing the same song over and over again. I formed a mini jazz band with a guitarist, we did some busking and were lucky enough to be picked up by a hotel manager to perform weekly in a hotel in Portsmouth.

When I married and had a family, life took us to Switzerland, Abu Dhabi and Qatar. There I took up a paintbrush and began painting all the beautiful sights around me and Curating Animal Charity Art Exhibitions then International Art Exhibitions at hotels in Abu Dhabi and Qatar. I was lucky enough to perform at Abu Dhabi's first Tedx in Abu Dhabi University.

In Qatar I sang and played improvised Jazz Saxophone in the Hotels and became the Resident Jazz Singer at The Intercontinental Hotel, Qatar.

Moving back to the UK I began working on my Art and Music career again, I teamed up with talented Canadian guitarist Steve Parisien and in 2014 we received the Academia Award for 'Best Jazz Album' in 2014. 

My recent move to Scotland has really centered my work. I have a huge body of work: from the deserts of Abu Dhabi to the cottages of Switzerland which I've never shown before. Since deciding to center all my work in one place - I can rediscover all those paintings I've tucked in little hidey holes around the house - and give them life by way of creating Fine Art Prints here on my website.

I also have so many original songs sitting waiting patiently on my shelves, waiting for their moment to shine.

Anyway, enough about me! What about you? Ask me anything on my Spiritual page, if you feel a strong connection with the Spiritual world as I do. I have always felt a strong guiding hand from The Spirit World, helping me on my journey to happiness. 

















Sweet Sailing Dreams

 by Laurel Moore

Sweet Sailing Dreams by Laurel Moore
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