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Laurel Moore  Spiritual Medium

Sometimes we all need a little help -
A 'guiding light' from time to time, when we can't see the wood for the trees.  
                       I don't charge a Fee

I prefer to allow you to make me a modest  Donation after receiving your  Email Reading that best reflects the help you feel you have received from The Spirits with whom I work. So just fill in the contact form here with your questions.

Your questions are always treated respectfully and privately.
I will aim to reply within 24hrs - Pls check your Junk Folder just in case it goes astray.

Your donation will gratefully be received.


Please contact me with your questions to the Spirits.

Thanks for submitting!

Since The Spirits no longer live in the Human Dimension they reach us through our dreams and subconscious. Sometimes we prefer to 'go it alone' perhaps for shame or embarrassment and we soldier on feeling lost. But from time to time we all need a little helping hand to find our purpose and direction......

The Spirits have been surrounding me more intensely these last few years:  guiding my painting hand, or helping me on my journey. For so many years I ignored their powerful presence, avoiding that complication and sense of chaos they added to my life. But they never left and if anything, they only became a stronger presence in my life. I suppose they have so much they just want to say - often they flicker lights or generally like to make their presence known to me.   

They want to be involved in our lives. And ignoring them, really doesn't mean they go away. So doing  a Spiritual Email Reading keeps them happy! They want to share their wisdom and far-seeing knowledge with people. As a result it seems to bring brings calm and satisfaction into my own life - Laurel Moore.


Laurel Moore Psyhic Medium Moorethanart

I took a long time to choose my Crystal Ball, eventually I asked The Spirits what They wanted - then I heard a strange clicking in my ear when I hovered over one particular crystal ball. Every time I moved away, the clicking noise stopped and very time I returned to it, the clicking sound returned.

It is made of purple blue fluorite and is extraordinary because it glows in the dark! It soaks up the energy of the sun and moon and vibrates it back in amazing ways. Sometimes it wakes me up by flashing in the night and other times it glows orange depending on what it wants to communicate!

                           Disclaimer:  Moorethanart is for Entertainment Purposes.

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