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Laurel Moore  Shamen/Spiritual Medium

Laurel Moore Psyhic Medium Moorethanart

It took many years for me to accept my calling of being a Shaman.

It is a calling and a vocation which for many years I denied. I denied the fact that I saw energy moving and flitting in and out of people: sometimes lighter spirits and sometimes dangerous and vengeful ones. 

After coming to terms with severe early childhood trauma, above all I just wanted 'normal'. Normal felt more important than anything. But was a complete denial of who I really was. I was just hiding really. So I choose to hide no more. For the shame belongs to others and not to me :)

But really, my life improved so much when I acknowledged what I was 'seeing' and who I was. Because in acceptance I was much better able to protect and safeguard myself from being so terrorized.

But once I opened the door more fully, it was like suddenly being confronted by crowds of Spirits all talking at once.

In a bizarre way I feel like my traumatic childhood, seasoned me to comprehend multiple spirits around me, with a deeper understanding of the darkest and lightest Spirits that move around us all. Those that help us and those that wish us harm as we traverse our Soul Journey.

And the Spirits have much they want to share from their ethereal world to our temporal one. They want to help us find our way in the dark that sometimes surrounds us.

They have directed me to start making a growing number of videos of their words and messages, (in their own preordained order) which you can access both here and on youtube.


On a personal note, I believe in the deep healing power of Music and Art and this is my path where I find my most joy and which I really enjoy sharing.

                           Disclaimer:  Moorethanart is for Entertainment Purposes.

Copyright © Laurel Moore 2023. No Illegal Art or Music Copying is Permitted

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