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I took many days to choose my Crystal Ball and before almost giving up I asked the Spirits what They  wanted then heard a strange Clicking in my ear when I hovered over one particular Crystal Ball. Every time I moved away, the Clicking noise stopped and very time I returned to it, the clicking sound Returned......

We know that The Spirit World talks to us in our lives through our Dreams and Subconscious - since they no longer live in the Human Realm.

When you Call -  I will Light A Special Candle for You, Me and The Spirit World.  This connects us together for your Audio Call.


There are No Rules and you can ask about Anything you want to know.

I will Ask The Spirits for their response.

I have no idea what their response will be; but I know that their response will be one of Honesty - because they are here with Love - for You, your Life Force and your personal Journey to your Light.

The Spirits have been surrounding me more
Intensely these last few years:

guiding my Painting Hand, or helping me to work through my Childhood Trauma and Multiple Personalities.

After many years, (when I reached a certain Inner Peace) the messages from The Spirits became More insistent on the Work they wanted me to do.
Psychic Activity that began going on around me became Chaotic and was becoming harder to manage: with Lights often going On or Off when I entered or left a room.

So when I recently decided to Step Up and start my own Psychic Line - suddenly to my surprise and Pleasure - there was a Wonderful and instant Peace and Silence for the first time in years!

It felt like the World's Worst Percussion Band has Finally Stopped playing their terrible saucepans :0)

    You will find kindness and Understanding with Laurel And Friends!

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