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A Bit About Me

Welcome to my world of Art, Music and Spirituality

'' Truly fertile music, the only kind that will move us, that we shall truly appreciate, will be a music conducive to dream, which banishes all reason and analysis. One must not wish first to understand and then to feel. Art does not tolerate reason. " 

   Albert Camus 1932. 

Laurel Moore jazz singer
Laurel Moore tenor saxophone

I really appreciate it when you visit my Website, buy my Art or Music, or just generally have a wander around - you are most welcome.

These days I prefer to center most of my art work on my website. It's complicated when you do multiple things in The Arts these days. In the past, my art ended up on a few sites over here, my music here, there and everywhere. There were always hot new sites popping up to host your art or music. So on and on it went. But for me over time, it felt like some kind of self-imposed insane chaos.

There is a kind of spiritual peace and calm that settles when everything you love can be found in the right place, exactly where you left it. And I hope that anyone who likes my art will also like my music, since it comes from the spiritual home.

So whilst my music has grown up and left home (purchased in itunes store/streaming) my art remains  firmly living here at home - only available on my website as a hand-signed Fine Art Print.

I feel very lucky to live in beautiful Scotland .........

Images of Scotland
Images of scotland
Images of Scotland

..with my family and many rescue animals, as it inspires me spiritually daily. It has taken me a lifetime to become the Artist/Musician I am today. If one is passionate about something, somehow I guess one finds a way to sing, or dance or play no matter the odds. And music and art has always been my passion.

When I reached my 50's the curtain began to pull away from the horrors of my past. Long buried memories surfaced and opened up my severe early childhood trauma.

It gets complicated when each of your different skills is bound up in a separate personality. Although it can't be put back together, I have learnt that they can work together and unify. So often my art and music work together on a project-  like a family. This means that I will often paint a painting based on a song that I have written. For example: 'You Can Never Tell When It Might Rain' has both a song version and a painting version.

You Can Never Tell When It Might Rain,
Painting by Laurel Moore

You can never tell when it might rain by L Moore
Wind In The Sand by Laurel Moore

When I married and had a family, life took us to Switzerland, Abu Dhabi and then Qatar. I then had the opportunity to begin playing tenor saxophone and painting again. The new desert landscapes were so enthralling to paint and I began to play with my own jazzy style on tenor saxophone and vocals.

I often see the movement of energy, especially darker energies moving around people. Today I understand my true Shaman nature and accept its depth and breadth. I've learned that being sensitive to vibrations can be a wonderful thing. And of course owing to The Law Of Attraction, its no surprise that accepting myself fully is leading me to a much happier life.

In my 'normal' life, my musical trail began by playing the piano and accordion. I then progressed to  renting a tenor saxophone whilst at college - and driving the neighbours mad by playing the same song over and over again. In time I formed a mini jazz band with a talented guitarist. One day whilst busking  we were discovered by a hotel manager and offered the opportunity to perform weekly in his hotel in Portsmouth, UK. 

Life And Paintings Of Switzerland

Axle and me
The winter cottage painting by Laurel Moore
Swiss Christmas painting by Laurel Moore
lake switzerland
Images of switzerland
Pink Sugar
Laurel Moore with Jalal Luqman
Laurel Moore His Excellency
Gulf News cover
The Millennium Hotel
K9 Art Auction painting by Laurel Moore
Art Exhibition Curator Laurel Moore
Abu Dhabi Art Exhibition
Time Out Abu Dhabi
Laurel Moore Feature
Abu Dhabi Art Hub
Art Exhibition The Millennium Hotel
The Dream Players Talent Show

I was very motivated to initiate local neutering programs with animal rescue, so I began curating art exhibitions with that goal in mind. I organized many animal charity fundraisers and art exhibitions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi which culminated in a 50 artist strong exhibition and art auction at The Millennium Hotel, Abu Dhabi with the support of:



Hamad Ghanem Shaheen Al Ghanem, Breeder, Registrar General and Director of the Saluki of Arabia Club.


In my time in the Middle East I exhibited at many local galleries in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Qatar and London: most notably at Jalal Luqman's Ghaf Gallery 'Visions Of Speed'  Exhibition and Abu Dhabi Art Hub.

I also won second place in Abu Dhabi's 'The Dream Players' musical talent show by singing and playing tenor saxophone.

Hamad Al Ghanem
Pastel Gradient

I curated the exhibitions 'Beyond'  and 'Window' which was a showcase for up-and-coming Emirati and local artists. This was inaugurated by His Excellency Ali Saeed Bin Harmal Al Dhaheri. All these events were widely publicized in Time Out, Gulf News and other newspapers and magazines.

At this time my art was also featured in two art publications:

I was then given the opportunity to perform at the first TEDx Abu Dhabi, at the University Of Abu Dhabi where I showcased my singing, tenor saxophone playing and painting as a medium of storytelling.  

In 2011 some of my artwork was selected in the 'Best Of Worldwide' Portrait and Landscape Art Publications.

Best Of Worldwide Portraiture
Best Of Worldwide Landscape artists

When we moved to Qatar I became involved in the music scene and began playing Jazz Tenor Saxophone at hotels. I became the Resident Solo Jazz Singer and Saxophonist at the 5* Continental Hotel in Qatar. It was a wonderful opportunity to indulge in playing and singing all the classic jazz songs I loved and it was a thrilling and glamorous experience - it was especially dazzling to perform during the Christmas festival brunches for a mixed expat and Qatari audience, which were a very lavish affair.

Moving back to the UK I began working on my Art and Music career again, I teamed up with talented Canadian guitarist Steve Parisien and in 2014 we received the Academia Award for 'Best Jazz Album' in 2014.  Then for a time in Oxford, UK I performed as a singer and saxophonist at many restaurants and pubs.

My recent move to Scotland has really centered my all work; from the deserts of Abu Dhabi to the Empty Quarter in Qatar, to the cottages of Switzerland - all of which I've never shown before and which were tucked away in my house in little hidey holes. So I am breathing new life into those hidden paintings and songs that have sat so long on my shelves waiting for their moment to shine........

The Intercontinental Hotel Qatar
Akademia Jazz Award
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