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TITLE: Rainstorm In Abu Dhabi, Original Print by Laurel Moore


- A3 Size Fine Art Open Edition Original Print EXCLUSIVE to Moorethanart website.

  A3 measurements are a follows:

  (29.7 cm width x 42 cm height or 11.7 inches width x 16.5 inches height)


-Hand signed Print by Laurel Moore.


-Includes a Certificate of Authenticity. This contains your unique print number which only you and Laurel Moore have recorded. This guarantees the value of your Art from AI copies or fakes as Laurel Moore does not sell her Art anywhere but on her own website. 

-Includes signed photo of Laurel Moore.

-All 'plastic' wrapping is biodegradeable 'plastic'.

-Laurel Moore values all her customers and returning Art customers will also be send a FREE SIGNED CD of Laurel Moore's music!


Rainstorm In Abu Dhabi

Sometimes the rain storms in Abu Dhabi were torrential. In a land of heat and sand the effect was miraculous. The air would become clear, the glass and windows would all sparkle for a day. Water lay everywhere in huge puddles. The intensity would always surprise and shock everyone. Painting  water droplets on the Abu Dhabi flag was a nostalgic reminder to me of those rains. And I love the contrast of red and white, reminding me of the contrast of the sand and rain.



Framing is Easy!

This print can be put straight into an A3 sized frame of your choice. Or if you like to add size and impact add a mat/mount for this painting, then add an A2 sized frame.
Use Picture Mounting Tape to secure the painting to the mount on all four sides.



I am always Refund Friendly :O) So Happy Shopping!

Any questions? Drop me a message anytime on my Contact page.


Rainstorm In Abu Dhabi, Original Print by Laurel Moore

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