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TITLE: The Old Quarter, Original Print by Laurel Moore

Size A3

Fine Art Open Edition Print

Hand signed by Laurel Moore

Print only (no frame)


The Old Quarter


It's lovely to find these old, treasured parts of a country. Uncoloured by the modern world of appearance and image. Rich in age and texture and simplicity - they are so fascinating, rising out of the dry and arid sandscape.

With small windows and thick mortar walls in a land before air-conditioning - I love the natural fit within the landscape. It's especially challenging to paint an arid landscape. Dry heat and sand has a feel to it, a grit to it. I really want to capture that feeling, that sense of sucking all the liquid from all the air. That dryness of the throat, that thirst. All in a painting.


Framing is Easy!

This print can be put straight into an A3 sized frame of your choice. Or if you like to add size and impact add a mat/mount for this painting, then add an A2 sized frame.
Use Picture Mounting Tape to secure the painting to the mount on all four sides.



I am always Refund Friendly :O) So Happy Shopping!

Any questions? Drop me a message anytime on my Contact page.


The Old Quarter, Original Print by Laurel Moore

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