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  Living with Multiple Personalities, with each one doing a different skill left me spinning in confusion for many years!

     It was like living with a Family Of Children all pulling in different directions because we were always tormented and fighting inside. Who got to play? And for how long? Who would get left behind this time? As a result this internal merry-go-round of rejection always left one of us behind and an awful lot of blank memories in between.

It was something I was ashamed of and hid from myself let alone from others!​
So for so many years my mind felt like a smashed banana, trying to live in a normal banana skin.

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So I find myself in uncharted waters, attempting to be supportive to all my Creative Children, no longer smashing on my own banana and calling us all crazy! Or scattering our own Creations like stray animals to the four winds on various other sites.

So here we are living in Beautiful Scotland: The Oil Painter, The Singer, The Saxophonist and The Businesswoman who tries not to eat your "thankyou" sweetie when shipping your New Art!

I can't say we don't have arguments! But we have learnt to be better listeners to ourselves. And find peace.

          Thanks for stopping by!