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Oil Painter Laurel Moore
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It has taken me 20 Years to become the Artist I am Today. I was always drawn to Oil Paints like a moth to a flame.

In recent years, coming to terms with my Multiple Personalities from Severe Childhood Trauma, Painting has been a very special and Transformative place for me to go.

My Artist, Singer, Saxophonist, Songwriter and Psychic Medium are all Separate Personalities within me, that have taken me decades to find. Separating each layer has delivered more Inner Peace, but it has been like untangling some Giant Ball of String that never really has an end.

So as an Artist who has seen ugliness, I find myself compelled to try to capture Nature's Wild Beauty - it's soulfulness, it's depth. So I am drawn to capture those subtle depths of colour and texture. I try to capture the 'feeling' of the storm, or the touch of the bark of a tree.

It's that feeling that turns a Painting into something magical, that draws you inside, so that you are no longer The Viewer, but The Participant and you sit within the painting.


As a Painter the Journey is always much of a roller-coaster ride and  sometimes it feels like trying to capture the impossible - like trying to snatch Smoke from the Air.

Always very Driven, in earlier years I would often work 24/7 on The Arts, moving from one medium to another in a fevered way.

This fever served to kinda 'keep the madness at bay'.

But now I have learnt that a Good Schedule and Good Self-Care is a much better approach.

My website is my way of bringing together everything I do in One Place. I used to put my work on separate websites, putting the Music on the Music websites and the Art on the Art Websites etc. Now I choose to sell my work Together. 

Because I suppose, this is our Home, because at the end of the day WE are all One.

I hope that you enjoy my Work!









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Laurel Moore

Saxophonist Laurel Moore
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Becoming a Saxophonist began with first just loving Music from a very early age.

I learnt to play Piano first then the Accordion before I worked my way to the Saxophone. I'd always adored the mellow sound of Stan Getz on Tenor Saxophone and I didn't realize what I wanted to sound like at the time.

It was just another Personality with the Compulsion to play. It often felt like someone else was playing and directing me - it still does.

But at college I rented a cheap saxophone and drove the neighbours mad playing the same tune on and on forever trying to get it right. I then began to play locally in bands.



When I married and had a family we lived in Switzerland then the Middle East. Art and Animal Rescue then became the larger part of my life and I didn't play for many years.

I became involved in Charity Events and also helped start up a lot of Neutering Programs in the local areas.

I Curated and Exhibited multiple Art Exhibitions in Abu Dhabi , Dubai and Qatar at venues like The Millennium Hotel.

In Abu Dhabi, on impulse online I bought a Buescher Aristocrat Tenor Saxophone and began Singing and Saxing again. I was fortunate to perform at the first Tedx Abu Dhabi, at Abu Dhabi University. When we moved to Qatar I began performing again and then became The Resident Jazz Singer and Saxophonist at The Intercontinental Hotel.

Something in me was drawn to play in a Jazzy Way, using lyrical improvisation only. I loved feeling my own way and I pushed forward with this emotional style for many years.


In 2014  I paired up with the talented Canadian Guitarist Steve Parisien where we were awarded 'Best Jazz Album' from Akademia.


My Dream today is to create my own Album of songs, which will only be available at Home HERE on my website.

I still have my well-loved Buescher Aristocrat Tenor Saxophone (1965)  which My Artist Personality was inspired to Paint-pour in 2021. Luckily we are all thrilled with the result!





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Laurel Moore

Jazz Singer Laurel Moore
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I always played an sang from as far back as I can remember. I loved The Carpenters, Ella Fitzgerald, Doris Day, Bilie Holiday and all kinds of quality music from all genres. It's a wonder what we would do without music in our lives!

Most of all, I loved the 'Passionate' and 'Feeling songs' and believe that kind of intensity leaves a powerful imprint in our world.

Again for me, Singing has been Transformative. Its like a kind of deep meditation. It roots me into myself. It stops the world. That kind of power to stop the world has a magical effect on us. 

I've been working for decades to find my inner singing voice. Somehow the goal posts always kept moving, as slippery as snakes.

It was only very recently when I came to terms with my Multiple Personalities - when I stopped trying to merge what couldn't be merged together - when I stopped trying to force all my musical sides to work together -that I made real progress.

It's strange but true to say that My Singer also, is a completely different person. She is inrelated and has totally different ideas.

It's amazing how everything started to really FLOW when I came to this realization. Everything moved forward with ease and the songs seemed to write themselves.

I am currently working on my Original Songs which I hope to post on my Music Page soon.




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